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ensemble 0
ensemble 0 is a french band created in 2004 whose full-time members are sylvain chauveau, stéphane garin and joël merah
the core of ensemble 0 is based in barcelone (spain) and brussels (belgium) but many guests from different cities or countries are also part of our activities
the band can increase or decrease for each specific project and the members can come and go
ensemble 0 performs original compositions as well as pieces by other composers
concerts around europe (switzerland, france, spain, belgium, portugal, netherlands and germany) and in asia (japan)
ensemble 0 (for radio) is the monthly online radio playlist of ensemble 0 directed by stéphane garin and catherine luro. in the past years (radiokultura, JETfm)
the band has also performed as 0 (for percussion) or ensemble 0, but we no longer use those variations of the name and prefer to be just called ensemble 0




founded in 1996 by dider aschour, dedalus is contemporary music ensemble based in montpellier (france) since 2011
repertoire, scores with free choice of instruments, taken north american and european contemporary experimental music from the 1960s to nowadays


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sylvestre gobart

since 2005, he has been working in collaboration with the visual artist sylvestre gobart

an artistic work on the memory of extermination during world war II (france, poland, ukraine)
it presents recent pictures (photographies) and audio recordings taken on the very grounds of internment, deportation and extermination

this work was presented as a installation at biarritz multimedia library, at sol del rio arte contemporanea gallery (guatemala city)


ryoji ikeda (superposition + music for percussion)

superposition is a project about the way we understand the reality of nature on an atomic scale and is inspired by the mathematical notions of quandtum mechanics

music for percussion _ concept, composition: ryoji ikeda / percussionists (eklekto): alexandre babel, stéphane garin, lucas genas, dorian fretto / stage manager (eklekto): nada rojnic / co-production: eklekto geneva percussion center, ryoji ikeda studio la bâtie festival de genève / tour production: epidemic

website :

Festival Piednu 2018.jpg


dénombrement is the first collaboration between stéphane garin and jean-philippe gross

dénombrement emphasizes different levels of listening: the display between acoustic instrument and sound system, the complementarity of the live performance with its settled/amplified image

the result is straightforward, direct, composed and thought for the live situation, to play with time, with events and with the options given by those three groupt

soinumapa basque country sound map is an open archive project. based on phonography or the art of recording environmental sounds
our aim is to show, share and exchange field recordings made in the basque country
city noises, natural ambiences, animals, celebrations and parties, places, happenings, cultural events… including images and texts that behind their apparent silence, keep many sounds


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